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Bulk water schemes at risk, warns City of Cape Town

08 October 2018
The City of Cape Town expressed concern about the financial woes of the national Department of Water and Sanitation. The city council called for urgent action to avoid putting bulk water supply augmentation schemes at risk.
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Rising sea-level a threat for Cape Town's coastline

03 October 2018
With the tsunami in Indonesia fresh in mind, concerns were raised about the vulnerability of Cape Town to sea-level rise.
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Man who ‘stole’ pebbles from Cornish beach forced to drive hundreds of miles to return them, or face prosecution

24 August 2018
A debate raging over the size and number of signs warning people against stealing pebbles from a small Cornish beach has escalated to national news after it emerged a man was once forced to drive hundreds of miles to return a bag of stones he had taken.
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