Labour inspectors will embark on full force blitz inspections in the Kouga & Koukamma area focusing on the enforcement of Basic Conditions of Employment Act, Occupational Health and Safety Act and Unemployment Insurance Fund from the 21-24 May 2012.

“Kouga & Koukamma is a very vast area and it is far from Government Services. It is for this reason that we are embarking on a full-scale Labour inspection and will make sure we visit every workplace” said Mr. Livingstone Matiwane, Deputy Director for Inspection & Enforcement Unit in the Eastern Cape Province.

In the previous financial year the blitz in Koukamma & Kouga focused on these legislative areas Sectoral Determination (SD) 7 Domestic Worker Sector, SD9 Wholesale and Retail Sector, SD13 Farm Sector, SD 14 Hospitality Sector and Occupational Health and Safety in the farm sector.

The domestic worker sector had 75% compliance and 25 % non-compliance. The wholesale and retail sector had 70% compliance and 30% non-compliance. The Farm sector had 78 % compliance on BCEA and 22 % non-compliance. The Hospitality sector had 72 % compliance and 28 % non compliance whereas on Occupational Health and Safety in the farm sector 77% was non compliant and only 23 complied with the Act.

“The Department will conduct advocacy sessions in the evenings to educate employees and employers on legislation. We will continue to preach the gospel of compliance with employers as it is not our aim to crack the whip. Our aim is to educate, said Mr. Matiwane.