An elderly man was killed and another injured on Tuesday afternoon after the trench they were working in collapsed on them along 7th Avenue in Knysna, Western Cape, reported ER24 Spokesperson Russel Meiring.

“ER24 paramedics, along with fire and metro services, arrived on scene and found a backhoe near a collapsed trench,” said Meiring.

He said it was later reported that two men had been working in the 3-metre-deep trench when it collapsed, trapping one man fully while the second man had his arm and leg trapped.

“Paramedics assessed the man, who had already been dug out by co-workers, and found that he had sustained only minor injuries,” said Meiring.

The rescued man was transported to a nearby hospital for further treatment.

Rescue officers from fire and metro services had to use specialised rescue equipment to dig the man out from the trench, said Meiring.

“Once freed from the trench, it was found that the man had already succumbed to his fatal injuries. Nothing more could be done for the patient and he was declared dead on scene.”

Local authorities were investigating the mishap.