We have a very solid experience in the conducting of legal compliance audits and due diligence assessments. The purpose of such audits or assessments is to advise clients competently on all legal requirements governing their particular activities and industry. This is not only restricted to relevant legislation, but also industry specific non-legal requirements (eg. guidelines, policies, standards).

Audits are carried out either for clients directly, alternatively on behalf of the SABS. We are one of the foremost and recognised South African SHE legal auditing firms.

Where an audit is conducted directly for a client we will discuss the scope and extent of the audit beforehand, so too the length of time required. As part of the audit we also examine all relevant documentation, and if necessary, will advise the client of any shortcomings. This is particularly where the client is either ISO 14001 and/or ISO 45001 certified or intends being certified.