A strong focus of our professional services is tracking legislative developments on the national, provincial and local authority level. We are thus able to competently advise clients about legal changes, including draft legislation. Clients receive periodic legal update reports to ensure that they are kept abreast, and so that they are able to implement all necessary action or precautions. Our legal register service covers the legislation of South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Lesotho.

All Legal Registers are custom compiled for each client. We gather information about the industry a client is engaged in, specific processes or activities they carry out, legal requirements governing these and any other relevant factors or information. Based on this a Legal Register is supplied. All applicable national, provincial and local legislation (ie. by-laws) is included in our Registers; so too any relevant international legislation to the extent that it is relevant.

Full text copies of all governing legislation, including by-laws, are included in the Legal Registers. Moreover, a detailed Legal Register Summary is compiled for each Register explaining legal requirements in plain language, and further setting out any required action a company must take. Where specific documentation is needed, this will be pointed out (eg. permits, licences, policies, work instructions, reports, appointments etc.).

We offer advice about legal requirements which should be included in policies and work instructions. This includes the linking of legal obligations to a company’s Aspects and Impacts / Risk Register and explaining what this entails for the company in terms of compliance, measures, mitigation and documents (such as permits, licences, procedures etc).

To facilitate navigation and understanding of the Register it is conveniently broken up into topics and menus dealing with, for instance: environment, water, air, waste, hazardous substances, health and safety etc.

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